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Antiques, Mold and Cross Contamination

  Don't Bring Them into Your Home! Unfortunately we see this too often in homes. The home owner or professional interior decorator finds an antique piece of furniture and brings it into the home. Unfortunately most of the time the item is mold-infected, hence introducing mold into a home  Every antique store I have ever visited has that old-musty smell. Well, there is a reason for's mold. Often these antique pieces are neglected,  improperly stored in basements, garages or other areas before they are put in the showroom.  Material Considerations The most common materials of concern are wood and cloth followed by leather. Often times you will see growth on the wood and leather surfaces, but it's much harder to detect on/in cloth. The fabric of furniture including the padding were often made from organic material making them susceptible to mold harboring and growth.  Inspection Before you buy an item from an antique shop, have the salesperson help you inspect the it
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Mold, Cigars, Plume & Desktop Humidors

  photo courtesy of Tim Jones There are a lot of questions and false information on the internet about mold, plume and how to season a desktop humidor. I'm going to tackle these topics and a few more. This post is definitely geared towards the cigar aficionado.  Let's start with the basics.   When we use the term mold we are referring to fungi/fungus. Here are a few bullet points. * There are over 100,000 species of mold. * Mold is not a plant nor is it an animal.  * Mold spores are the reproductive body of mold similar to seeds. (but not) * 250,000 spores can fit on the head of a pin. * Mold spores are everywhere indoors and outdoors in the air we breathe. * Mycotoxins are a secondary metabolite produced by active mold. (mold odor) * Mold requires 3 things in order to grow. Oxygen, Water and Organic Material. * If missing one of the three requirements for continued growth, mold will go into a state of dormancy. Mold can stay dormant indefinitely.  * Once mold grows it will not

Biofilms - Health Ramifications

  This post is third in a series of biofilm posts in this blog. If you read either of the last two biofilm posts, you will have a better understanding of biofilms, below are the links if you would like to read them first. Biofilms Infecting our Drinking Water - Biofilms and Dental Health - Biofilms form all around us and are attributed to illnesses and deaths every year. Here are a few stats from Montana State Anniversary.  13,000 - Deaths a year JUST from urinary catheters. 108,000 - Amputations due to diabetic ulcers caused by biofilms.  These stats do not account for the other associated impact biofilms have on our health. I cannot overstate the importance of good dental hygiene as it relates to overall health. This oral hygiene is also important in the health of our pets.  Consider this. Poor oral hygiene leads to poor &

Free Mold & Radon Seminars - To Resume in 2021

    FREE MOLD & RADON EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS Happy 2021 everyone! As many of you know, we perform free mold and radon seminars to groups around the metro Boston and southern NH area. Those of you who have attended know they are fun and most of all informative! As I always state, my goal is to educate, not scare. Due to COVID, we paused our seminars in 2020. I know a lot of us are still practicing social distancing and want to be mindful of everyone's personal considerations not to mention local government mandates. That being said I'd like everyone know we are still offering and ready to perform seminars when you are! Both seminars consist of a visual slide show presentation with live narration. We go over the basics and how mold and radon play a role in our lives. We discuss ways to protect ourselves. Mold - Usually the Mold seminar is approximately 45 minutes depending on how many questions and attendee participation.  Radon - The radon seminar is approximately 35 minutes d

Happy 2021 - Updates!

  2021 Woohoo! I don't have to tell anyone about the woes of 2020, so let's hope for a prosperous 2021. We are all eager to get back to some sense of normalcy with our work and social lives. Let's help each other make this a great year! A few points. * Blog Reminder - This blog was and is still intended for the layperson, the average Jane. I try my best to relay information in a simple manner and with terminology 99% of the population can comprehend. This is not meant to be a scientific journal. This year I decided to open the comment section of this blog to allow people to share information and interact with the hopes it will amplify the beneficial nature of this blog. * Be Kind - Let's not forget we all share this world and we have to be mindful of everyone's opinion and beliefs. Being kind! * SARS / COVID 19 - You have probably noticed I have stayed clear of making any update posts related to the "pandemic". The topic is now way too toxic and politic

Is Mold Smart - Zombie Ants, Zombie Cicadas & Slime Mold (updated)

  Is mold smart? Oh, mold is not just smart, mold is wicked smaht!  I'm actually using the word wicked for a reason. Wicked meaning nefarious, wicked as in evil! On a basic level, do the terms "smart" or "intelligent" apply to mold? Does mold have a brain? Can mold actually learn? Do they have calculated behavior? Be prepared to be amazed by how "smart" mold can be. I'm just going to briefly touch upon a few instances found in nature. Additional information easily be found by using your search engine. Zombie Ants  Zombie Ants are victims of a parasitic fungus which controls their actions and ultimately leads to their death. * Once infected the fungus will force the ant to migrate to areas where temperature and humidity are suitable for the fungal growth. * Once in the proper location, the fungus will force the ant to climb up a plant onto a leaf. The fungus will then force the ant to close it’s mandibles biting onto the leaf. Now the mandible will

SARS COV-2 COVID 19 - Moving Forward

   Hello All!  I have been receiving a lot of email, texts and phone calls regarding SARS-COV-2. First, I want to thank all of you for reaching out. Right now I'm trying to navigate this situation just like you. To find out more, I have been in contact with friends in state and federal government. From the information I am getting, this is (in basic terms) just a more potent strain. Typically the elderly will fall into the highest risk group. Be Aware - Over the course of the next few weeks, you will notice the media over hype just as they did with Swine Flu, Ozone Layer, Anthrax Scare. They will most likely have "experts" on TV giving their opinion/s based on whatever narrative they decide to push. Just remember the news media only makes money when you watch your TV or click links on their website. Their motives are business based. I'm not a fan of scare tactics. My Advice - Do what you feel is proper for your safety until we know exactly what specifics are with th